Fat Loss for Weight Loss!

Ideal Body Blueprint 


Lose the Weight in Double Time, Save Money & Get Free Bonuses

When You Purchase an Ideal Body Blueprint ULTIMATE Fat Loss Package!


There have been significant studies proving that exercise alone will not create the body you want. You may have heard the phrase ?You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.?


In order to acheive the best fat loss and create a healthy body you must include a proper nutrition plan with your training program. 


The Ideal Body Blueprint is your solution. A complete training program and nutritional plan combined together.

Fit Over 40 


Want to burn more bodyfat in 10 days than you have in the past 10 months? Jon Benson will show you the "Insider Pro Secrets" that hardly anyone wants you to know. These are the techniques he himself used to DROP 70 POUNDS and stay lean...at 43!


Get Jon's book, "Fit Over 40" and get the body you've always wanted. It's not too late! 

Fat Loss Cookbooks 


So you're trying to lose weight but are so fed up with bland healthy food that you feel you might break and go back to your previous lifestyle.


Now you can continue on your plan but make delicious foods that are still healthy with these two incredible cookbooks, "100 Alkalizing Recipes," and "Cooking For The Fitness Lifestyle." 


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